The 13th edition of the International Conference
“THE EFFICIENCY OF LEGAL NORMS” – The Rule of Law: Between Reality and Desideratum
will be organized in May 17th – 19th, 2024
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
In memoriam prof. univ. dr. Momcilo Luburici

 In Memoriam: Prof. univ. dr. Momcilo Luburici

“The Myth of the Triumphant Hero is about the human condition of he who, on account of the infinite universe contained within, becomes immortal, and in this true story his name is Momcilo Luburici, our Professor! ”

Prof.univ.dr.Corina Adriana Dumitrescu  in The Myth of the winner or about the perfect human condition, in the volume In memoriam Prof. univ. dr. Momcilo Luburici. The Mith of the winner

The rule of law is a fundamental principle that underlies modern legal systems and societies. However, as with many lofty ideals, the rule of law exists in a state of tension between its idealized form and its practical application. The rule of law is a cornerstone of modern societies, embodying the principles of justice, equality and accountability, but its implementation often deviates from its idealized form, facing numerous challenges in practice.

Objectives of the conference:

– Analysis of obstacles and limits arising from practice that prevent the full realization of the rule of law, including corruption issues, legal ambiguity and unequal access to justice.

– Discuss the fundamental principles underlying the rule of law, such as equality before the law, due process, government accountability, and analyze their significance in theory and practice.

– Promoting dialogue on strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the rule of law, including institutional reforms, legal education, civil society involvement and international cooperation.

Important deadlines:

Submission (registration form and abstract, maximum 300 words in English)

April 1st, 2024

Notification of acceptance

April 7, 2024

Submission of papers for the volume IN MEMORIAM MOMCILO LUBURICI

April  21, 2024

The papers  that will not be sent within the deadline indicated for the volume will be considered for the Fiat Journal (BDI)


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