− Language of the article: The article has to be written in English or French.
− Page format:  Papers must be submitted in A4 format, 2 cm margins top, bottom, left, right.
− Title of the article: The TITLE should be written in capital letters, Times New Roman 12, bold, centre.
For Romanian authors the title should be also written in Romanian, under the title in English or French.
− Author: The name of the author should be written in Times New Roman 12, aligned to the right, one space under the title. The family name will be capitalised. The symbol * has to be written next to the family name as a footnote, and will include information regarding the status of the author, his/her academic rank, scientific title, name of institution or workplace (for each author separately, using **, *** etc.).
− Abstract: The abstract should be maximum 300 words long. It has to use Times New Roman 10, italics, justify, 3 lines under the author’s name.
 Keywords and JEL Classification: 4-6 keywords that comprise the essence of the article have to be mentioned, listed according to their importance. They will be written 2 lines under the abstract, in Times New Roman 10, italics, justify. At the end of the keywords the JEL Classification will be mentioned between straight brackets. Please consult JEL Classification (-link).
−  The article: The paper has to be written in Times New Roman 12, justify, 1 line spacing. The footnotes should use Times New Roman 10. The paper should be divided into chapters. The chapter title will be written in Times New Roman 12, aligned left, bold, 1 line space between the chapter title and text; the paragraph title will be written in Times New Roman 12, aligned left, italic, 1 line space between the paragraph title and text. Chapters and paragraphs will be numbered. The articles submitted for publication should not exceed 15 standard pages.

Both in the body of the text and in the footnotes the following short forms are used: art. (= article); para. (= paragraphe); p./pp. (= page or pages); t. (= tome); vol. (= volume); GO (= Government Ordinance); GD (= Government Decision).
References will follow Harvard style, in-text, (please consult-link) indicating the pages and will be introduced using Word instruments. Bibliography will be mentioned at the end of the article, using Word instruments. Titles of works cited will be mentioned in the original language, translation into English/French is optional.
For other quoted works (case-law, legislation) please use only footnotes. Footnotes will be numbered continuously, without starting with no.1 on each page.
The text and the footnotes of the paper have to use normal character format, and, when required, only italics.
Figures and tables will be numbered (eg. Figure 1, Table 1) using Times New Roman 11, italics, and will be placed between text lines, without being surrounded by text. The spacing above the figure/table will be 1 line. The spacing beneath the title of the figure/table will be 2 lines. The source of figures/tables will be mentioned, if they are not the original work of the author.
The full paper will be accompanied by the Statement of Originality (-link) signed by all the authors.

        Please note that papers that do not respect the guidelines will not be published.