The 10th edition of the International Conference
“THE EFFICIENCY OF LEGAL NORMS” – Altering the Future. Legal Means to Prevent a New Crisis 
will be organized exclusively on-line, in May 12th – 14th, 2021.

          The year 2020 came with one of the toughest challenges, the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the pandemic level, followed by the establishment of temporary measures to restrict certain rights and freedoms.

          The health crisis has produced cascading effects, including the acceleration of already underway processes, such as digitalization of administration, robotization, generalization of telework, distance learning, etc. Beyond the alteration of people’s physical and mental health, the entire human society has known and dealt with extremely serious phenomena: the spectrum of the economic crisis, the invasion of fake news, the need to implement legal rules specific to the pandemic, episodes of political crisis, social problems, the accentuation of some vulnerabilities of some categories of population and the appearance of other new vulnerable categories, etc.

          In all this context, humanity is trying to establish its landmarks, to identify remedies to overcome this difficult moment. From pessimistic and catastrophic scenarios to optimistic approaches, there is an extremely varied register through which the current situation has been analyzed. People have become aware that the existing balances in society are more fragile than they suspected, and therefore new crises can occur at any time, regardless of their causes. A bleak future is described in terms of the many vulnerabilities that are revealed to us.

           The future and the measures required to prevent new crises or to prepare for the mitigation of their negative effects are all the subject of heated debate.

           Therefore, through the theme chosen for our conference, we want to offer the different categories of professionals the opportunity to come with their opinions, knowledge and expertise, to bring, in a highly scientific framework, some valuable contributions in identifying solutions to make a better future.

            Please pay the conference fee accordingly until the 18th of April and send us the proof of payment, to the conference e-mail address, in order to help us organize the program until April 20th.   

Important deadlines:

Submission (registration form and abstract, maximum 300 words in English)

March 15, 2021

Notification of acceptance

March 22, 2021

Paper submission and registration fee

April  18, 2021