International Conference 2018

The Efficiency of Legal Norms – 7th Edition

May 17th – 19th 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

          Recent years have been perceived as a period with increased totalitarianism. Religious and nationalist extremes have emerged and captured people’s interest. Military and cyber security terrorist attacks, increased violence connected with migration drove the democratic states to take protection measures that sometimes restrained fundamental rights. Globalisation brings the need for legal harmonisation not only in private law but also in the public law area. Administrative legal rules, which were an expression of state sovereignty, are moving towards a European and global administrative law. Certainly, legal rules have to be adapted in order to preserve democracy in the new context. Justice is also an important factor for democracy and it has to help to the preservation of a fair balance between threats to the whole society and individual rights. Romania is particularly confronted with justice issues, as the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism set by the European Commission is still in force. The proposals for new laws regarding the organisation of the justice system have triggered vivid discussion within the society, concerning the best regulation that would insure an independent and impartial justice. For this reason, a special section of the conference will be dedicated to the management of justice.
       Proposed topics on the subject are: Civil legal rules protecting democracy, Civil legal rules adapted to globalization, civil legal rules and changing cultural habits, Protection of human dignity, Criminal national and international rules and mechanisms protecting human rights and democracy, New crimes and criminal rules to fight them, Problems in the field of rules concerning detention, Influence of globalisation upon administrative and fiscal law, Transparency in the activity of administration, Administrative legal rules enhancing the role of spreading good practices of the administration, Means and mechanisms to ensure the independence of the judiciary, Means and mechanisms to ensure a better quality of justice, Means and mechanisms to ensure a fair trial, Access to justice.
        These are only  some of the themes we propose, without limiting the topics on the subject.

Important deadlines

Submission (registration form and abstract, maximum 300 words in English)February 10th 2018
Notification of acceptanceFebruary 24th 2018
Paper submission and registration feeMarch 10th 2018

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